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  • John Peters New York

  • Heritage-made Utilitarian Bags, as carried on Fifth Avenue.

  • The John Peters New York's design set the stage for industry standards and are copied by every fashion house in the world!
  • The John Peters New York brand was born in New York in 1980. John Peters is a heritage brand representing messenger bags and backpacks, setting the standards of quality for bags all around the world. The founder, John Peters, is the same designer who launched the Manhattan Potage brand and Peters Mountain Works afterward. As such, John Peters New York is known as the parent brand of these. In 1977, John Peters decided to make a bag using plastic closures and wax cloth. He decided to use cordura plus nylon for the material, which had never been done before. More than 400 of John Peters’ designs have been copied all over the world and are still used for a number of bags. In the midst of all the imitations of John Peters’ designs and materials, we pride ourselves on remaining true to the originals from forty years ago.
  • John Peter is still "living legend" for some premium brands. John Peter continuously designs and manufactures directly. Some design is manufactured and distributed through WKS, a joint venture of Korea and Singapore, whose design and technology development are excellent. Many brands have manufactured similar bags with cheap material in third country for a long time. However, we think again about the 'promise' of a brand when we look at John Peter brand which has kept everlasting value maintaining the philosophy and pride over 40 years.
  • John Peters New York History

    • John Peters establish a company in 1980
      (Renegade Mountain Prod.)
      -Note the first use angled reflective stripes on backpacks.
      -New standard on all backpack.
    • First applied Cordura Plus nylon to his shoulder-strap bags in 1980.
      -John peters new york at ALDA show in 1981.
      -These were the first cordura shoulder bags ever made - in the world!!
    • Release the John Peters Travel Collection in 1982
    • This Bag is a 1983 John Peters original design
      The first magazine cover of a bag with plastic hard ware
    • In the early 1980s, John Peters redesigned a trendy version of the more durable De Martini messenger bag,
      Replacing the stainless steel hardware with lighter weight plastic clips,cordura nylon, reflective stripes and
      cordura edge binding while retaining the same buckle and strap as the original.
    • John Peters catalog circa 1987. These designs set the stage for the industry standard and are copied by every fashion house in the world.
    • Miami LLGMA(Luggage and leather goods manufacturers of America) show in 1987 showing John Peters Hang tags on bags.
    • Released limited edition Collaboration in 2010
      A salute to the memory of Frank De martini and his contributions to bicycle messengers and bag makers around the world.

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