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  • Designers, JOHN PETERS

  • John Peters is the designer and founder of the Manhattan Portage brand, known for its red label with the Manhattan skyline. After selling Manhattan Portage to a third-party, he turned to developing his original brand, John Peters New York, in earnest.

  • Starting with "Peters Mountain Works" in 1978, John Peters is an American maestro and pioneer of backpack-making techniques. The brand under his name, John Peters New York, was founded in 1980.
  • In 1977, John Peter used plastic closures and wax cloth for the first time and he used cordura plus nylon for the bags for the first time in the world. More than 400 designs of John Peter have been copied all over the world and they are still used for a lot of bags. Although today many people imitate the designs and materials that John Peter started 40 years ago, we remember what was the original ones.

  • Establishing the company in 1980, John Peter started the products of John Peters New York brand standing for his name to New York and Japan. Unlike the OEM bags produced in third countries with low labor cost, all products of John Peters New York are made in New York and it shows the philosophy of John Peter on the quality of the products. In 1980s, John Peter manufactured bags using his own factory. He started to make high-end messenger bags made of quality guaranteed luxury material in high sense design. He sold them in well-known department stores and shops.
  • Limited editions are still manufactured in New York directly by John Peter, the living master. Recently, some designs are manufactured in Korea cooperating with a global joint company of Singapore and Korea with excellent design and technology.

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